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Baldurs Gate 3

Baldurs Gate 3

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Make your mark on the Forgotten Realms in this turn-based, cinematic D&D adventure.

Gather your party and embark on an epic campaign in this next-generation Dungeons & Dragons RPG from the makers of Divinity: Original Sin II.

The land of Faerûn is under siege. Captured and infected by the invading Mind Flayers, will you choose to resist their corruption or embrace the mysterious power that is growing inside you?

Embody bespoke Origin Characters or create your own custom protagonist and experience a dynamic story that is shaped by every roll of the dice.

Join forces with a cast of complex characters as you loot, battle and romance your way through the Forgotten Realms – and beyond. Roll for initiative and leverage both advantage and disadvantage with fluid, tactical combat.

The fate of the Forgotten Realms is in your hands.

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