How it works

1) Open Steam and log in with the provided credentials (Username, Password).

2) Go to “Library” -> “Collections”, find and download the game. If the Install button says "Streaming" click the
arrow on the right and choose "This Computer".


3) After the download is done, launch the game in online mode and exit immediately after the game goes to its
main menu.
4) Go to the upper left of the Steam Client and click on "Steam" then "Go Offline". After that, open the game and

5) Every time you open Steam click on "Start in Offline Mode".

6) You can always hop back to online mode the same way (step 4) to check for updates, then back offline for no
interruptions from others.
7) On “Steam” -> “Settings” -> “Cloud”, make sure to have your “Cloud Synchronization” checked off (this step
may not appear, that's ok, you are all set).
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